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Lay’s MAXX, a global superhit from Lay’s reinstates their idea of the ‘macho man’ through their latest television commercial. The new Lay’s MAXX TVC portrays the new macho man who has the innate style to win over situations effortlessly.

The message lies in the treatment of the advertisement starting from the backdrop to the tonality. The TVC showcases the quintessential biker gang showdown set against the backdrop of a suburban pub, with a MAXX twist to the plot. The camera angles and focus in play with the background score creates the necessary tension leading to a confrontation up till the climax. The portrayal of the MAXX crunch moment with the sonic boom that comes from the protagonist biting into the crunchy chip, mirrors the attributes of the chip while reiterating the idea of machoism inherent in the contemporary ‘MAXX’ Man. The jerky camera moves followed by the product shot and information, gives MAXX the necessary treatment of the rustic and rugged chip for the new macho men.

Speaking about the campaign, Dilen Gandhi, Marketing Director, PepsiCo India, says, “Lay’s has been the most loved potato chip for years, and MAXX, the global, premium superhit from our portfolio, has witnessed equal zeal and enthusiasm by the consumers since its launch. The new TVC manifests the MAXX characteristics through a powerful yet subtle narrative. The ruggedness of the chips and the authenticity is well portrayed through the treatment of the commercial and we believe that after seeing this, our consumer will have a stronger connect with the product. We are confident that the new TVC will fortify our brand presence in the market.”

Commenting on their creation the Creative agency spokesperson Senthil Kumar, CCO, J . Walter Thompson says, “The TVC brings alive the distinct taste and flavors that define the powerful MAXX experience. Our aim was to highlight the attributes of the MAXX man, narrating the traits that define contemporary macho as against the conventional macho. And the MAXX crunch moment acts as the best differentiator, setting apart our protagonists from the rest in the pub. We hope that our consumers will connect with the storyline and identify Lay’s MAXX for its rugged and rustic nature.”

The power packed campaign was released on on 21st April 2017and on television in all leading channels on 24th April 2017.


Creative Agency:

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar

Executive Creative Director: Sumati Singh

Executive Business Director: Ritu Nakra

National Planning Head: Mythili Chandrasekhar.

VP strategy planning: Jayati Majumder

Planning Director: Noor Samra

Account Director: Rajat Das

Creative Director Copy: Reshna Banerjee

Production house:

Director: Sunhil Sippy

Producer: Firecrackers

DOP: V. Manikandan

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