Del Monte brings India’s tri-colours to your plate

As the country gears up to celebrate its 71 years of Independence, get set to welcome guests and family to celebrate the spirit of patriotism by lining up enticing menus and dishes in the three colours of the national flag.

Del Monte launches pasta variants, Penne Tricolor, Spirali Tricolor and Farfalle Tricolor in colors of India to add to your dish, which you can enjoy with one and all. Del Monte Tri-color pasta is available in 500g packs.

Made from durum wheat semolina, Del Monte Tricolor pasta is an interesting addition to your balanced and healthy lifestyle. Its high in dietary fibre and a rich source of protein with zero trans-fat content.

You can be a little experimental and use it with different Del Monte pasta sauces, olives and mayonnaise to make your pasta a bit more lip-smacking.

These pastas will surely leave you craving for more!

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